#TBT: Windham wins Florida title at Robarts (Sept. 18, 1983)

Thought to be WWE’s developmental league, NXT has morphed into the organization’s third brand in the eyes of many thanks to its weekly shows and special events on WWE’s streaming network and live events throughout the country.
A frequent spot for those live events has been the Venice Community Center, which is hosting its fourth NXT live event since May tonight (Thursday, September 22). In a lot of ways, NXT is similar to the professional wrestling in the territory heyday.
One of the territories that thrived was “Championship Wrestling from Florida,” which routinely held live cards throughout the Suncoast. One of CWF’s wrestlers, promoters and announcers was the late John Heath, who coached Cardinal Mooney’s football team to the 1972 Class A state championship and often pulled daily double duty – coaching and teaching before working a match somewhere in the state later that night.
We go to the WayBack Machine – 33 years and five days ago and the days of Championship Wrestling from Florida. That night at Robarts Arena, then up-and-coming wrestler Barry Windham claimed the National Wrestling Alliance Florida heavyweight title by besting Jos Leduc, while the “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes and “Cowboy” Ron Bass battled to a draw on the six-bout card.


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